Monday, March 7, 2011

Its SHOUT OUT time!!

Good day, everyone. I'm back from Indianapolis, safe and sound. Thanks to The OSCC, Swim Ontario, Dean, Kevin, Paul, Derrick, Don and JR for allowing me to be part of the trip and for sharing all of your knowledge with me. I learned a lot and had a FANTASTIC time!

One of my new favorite swimmers that I encountered is Ouss Mellouli (Mellouli is the gold medalist in the 1500 at the 2008 Olympics and owns the second fastest time ever in the event). We struck up a conversation on Friday afternoon and he is a SUPER nice guy.

Matt Hawes was a swimmer on Team Ontario for this trip. He was 6th in 100BK (55.48) and 2nd in the 200BK (1:58.85). All times LC, btw. Matt is a great racer, he also broke the SC OUA record in 200BK by 4 seconds earlier in February.

Richard Hortness is a Canadian Olympian and National Team Member. Also a great guy!

We all know Joe Bartoch, he's a friend of HHBF. For those of you who don't: Joe is a 2008 Olympian, National Team Member and holder of the National Record for 100FLY (also a former world record holder). I had to chop this video short so it ends pretty abruptly(thanks, Matt Kwatyra).

Chantique Payne is a sprinter from Guelph. She had a phenomenal 200IM on Saturday and I roped her into saying "Hi" during her blood lactate test. Smile, Chantique!

Andrew Ford is also from Guelph. He posted a 2:02.76 in 200IM on Saturday, which was in the top 15 in the world. He's an intensely fast swimmer and a funny guy. He also wants to say hi.

All in all it was a great trip. Thanks to Ouss, Rich, Joe, Chantique, Andrew and Matt for recording shot outs to HHBF. I forgot my camera but I have some good races taped on the Guelph camera. Once I am able to pick it up, I'll upload some of the races. They didn't turn out so well on my ipod.

Also, please follow Matt Kwatyra (mkwatyra) on twitter. He wants his reach in the swim community to be larger than mine. Good luck, bro!

Mike Thompson
Head Coach