Friday, March 4, 2011

More Grand Prix

The term smart phone has made me chuckle this weekend because I tend to say "stupid phone won't get any service!" about every hour. Sorry for the lack of post last night.

Some really fast swimming last night (Phelps was 1:46 for 200fr, Tobias was an outstanding 1:50) and Canadians won 2 individual medals (Andrew Ford and Erica Morningstar) and the Canadian girls relay teams swept the podium in the 4x100fr relay. Boys relay (Hortness, Oriwol, Bartoch and Russell) won overall in the same event.
Had dinner with Kevin Thorburn, Derrick Schoof, Dean Boles, Mike Blondell and Benoit Lebrun. That was great! Learned a lot about high level performance in that 90min.

This morning I spent some time with national center Coach John Rogers. I listened to him speak to several international level coaches to see what they are doing and why (for my benefit). I then stood behind Michael Phelps's Coach, Bob Bowman and listened to what he had to say about Michael's 200fly (although he was clearly speaking to himself, not to me).

Something that strikes me is how normal some of these swimmers are. Phelps looks just like any dude that you'd meet on the street (but his legs are freakishly short). Ryan Lochte is hugely muscular but kind of short. Ya, Jason Lezak is massive, but I may be a little taller. Goes to show that these guys are human.

Having too much fun!