Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Indy Video

Hi Everyone. I have obtained more video from the Indy Grand Prix. The video is below. Some of the races are fantastic, but my shakey hands and the echoy pool deminish the effect a little (sorry).

First up, the final in Mens 200BK. Ryan Lochte vs. Matt Hawes & Tobias Oriwol. Please listen closely for the lane assignments.

Although Tobias posted the 5th fastest time in the world in the morning prelim session, Matt posted the 3rd fastest and Ryan Lochte posted the 2nd fastest time to eclipse him. It was a very awesome race!

Mens 100FLY. Michael Phelps. Need I say more?

Women's 50FR Final. Hardey, Poon, Volmer, Kenedy, Franklyn... this is a stacked heat!

Some more races coming soon... it just takes forever to upload these videos. More to come later this weekend.