Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Indy Videos

Hi everyone. Its been a fairly quiet week so I figured I would post more videos from Indy.

Video #1: Mens 400IM Championship final
Finalists: Andrew Ford, CAN Ouss Mellouli, TUN, Tyler Clary, USA

After a poor race in the morning, Andrew Ford was determined to take the opportunity to race the best in the world. Ouss Mellouli also showed he's more than just a distance freestyler.

Video #2: Mens 200FR Championship Final
Finalists: Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Collin Russell, Tobias Oriwol, Ouss Mellouli

Very solid race both in the morning and at night from Oriwol. Interesting 3 way showdown between Phelps, Mellouli and Lochte.
*NOTE: If anyone knows the name of the song playing in the marchout, please email me. Its stuck in my head and I don't know what its called.

I had posted a few athletes giving shout outs to HHBF when I returned but I'm not sure how many people actually got to see them. I wish I had time to re-post them all, but below you will find Ouss Mellouli's and a link to the post with everyone's. Please take time to view them.