Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ever had a disappointing swim..?

Kierra Smith is is a freshman at the University of Minnesota, and from Kelowna, BC.  She was seeded 9th going into NCAAs in the 200 breaststroke, and 26th in the 100 breaststroke.

This article was published on Kierra Smith's blog yesterday (which I didn't even know existed until she posted it on Twitter... apparently I even missed a shout out to yours truly) after placing 42nd at NCAAs. Spoiler Alert: She was not happy about placing 42nd.

Kierra is a great athlete and a super girl. We had a lot of fun recording her #coachmikepodcast episode and I think very highly of her. I recommend that anyone who has had a disappointing race or meet read her entry. Kierra gets very candid and gives some insight to how she feels, what she thinks went wrong and how to move forward after "letting everyone down". Please take the time to read her post - we spend a lot of time talking about successes; but more time needs to be spent learning how to deal with disappointment. I feel that Kierra is handling it the right way.