Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Would Ryan Lochte Do..? *facepalm!!

E! Channel released a 4min trailer of Ryan Lochte's new reality show yesterday and since they will not allow me to embed the video here, on my blog, YOU MUST GO TO THEIR WEBSITE AND SEE IT! ... and not in a good way, sadly.

This show will premier on Sunday April 21st, 2013. Although it mystifies me why most people have reality shows, this one mystifies me the most. I originally thought that it would be good for the sport, but I don't think this is going to make anyone in swimming look good - especially since it has a scene of him telling his "coach" Mike (??? What happened to Greg Troy..?? Did Ryan hire a member of his entourage to be his coach..??) that he was going out drinking before a "big meet". I can see Ryan quickly becoming a very bad influence on many athletes based on this scene alone.

Here are my thoughts on the trailer:
  • In reference to the scene I mentioned above; can anyone name a "big meet" held on USA soil that Lochte went to since the Olympics? World SC Championships were in Turkey... I would imagine that he wouldn't be drinking the night before World SC Championships... especially in Florida, since he would have to be in Turkey the next morning. This may be more scripted than young impressionable athletes realize and that may actually harm the sport.
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO GREG TROY AND WHO THE HELL IS MIKE??? For those of you who don't know, Greg Troy is Ryan Lochte's long time coach. This is a picture of Greg Troy. My guess is that E! felt that Greg wasn't young enough or good looking enough - or perhaps that Greg isn't backing the whole idea and was replaced with "Mike". Good gig for "Mike"... look for him to become the head coach of a program near you soon.
  • Ryan Lochte's mom name is Ike???
  • I love hearing Ryan explain things; like how to pronounce "JEAH" but not really explaining why he says such a daft thing all the time.
I'm not sure that this is what we were going for guys.