Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost there

Another successful HHBF day!

Congrats, everyone on winning the Halton Cup! A huge statement by our club and thank you to everyone involved! Great work, you've all made me very proud. We still need to win the second session in June but its obtainable, especially with the lead you racked up today. Way to go bluefins!

Today in Ottawa was more of the same. Some great races and some less than spectacular ones.

Mitchell and Trevor were less than a second away from their best 100fr times. Kyle shattered Trevor Burwell's 3 week only club record in 100fr by 1.39 seconds and was going into finals first with a time of 53.70.

The 400fr races were a little weaker than I would have expected. Aaron Brautigam was about .4 seconds from his best 200im.

Elizabeth Skuriat was heroic in her 800 bettering her best time and club record by more than a second, but also placing top 25 in a bonus event. New club record of 9:31.80.

This afternoon also saw Bjoern-ole Schrader better his own club record in 200fly by 2 seconds and finish 10th. New club record of 2:40.03. His 200im was right on top of his best. It was a great day for him!

Nolan Haas just missed a second medal in 100fr clocking 1:01.48. Best time by 3.5 seconds, and good for 4th place. Very solid.

Keri-lyn Copeland was a little off in her 100fr and finished 10th. Britney Dortona was right on her pb of 1:09 in 100fr. Both are pretty focused on 400fr tomorrow. Expect to hear good things about that race tomorrow.

Kyle Haas entered finals with a mission: win 100fr! We were spured on by some negative talk from a rival Coach and decided that this one was his. Kyle led at the 50 wall with a split of 25.06 and turned uncontested. He finished 1st by 0.70 seconds with a final time and new club record of 52.38. GREAT race for Kyle and fantastic representation from HHBF. Thank you to those of you who were able to come back to watch. Your support was appreciated. Remember: no one stands on the podium alone!

1 more day and tomorrow is going to be a long one for me. I'll do my best to update, but it'll be tough. Hopefully I'll have time.

Congrats again, see you soon!