Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still @ Easterns

Yesterday was a rough day for me (personally) so I didn't post, sorry. Kyle was solo in the morning for his 100BK, where he unfortunately missed the finish and was 59.38. Still good enough to make it into finals 5th. 50FR was decent as well, 2nd fastest time ever and less than 3 tenths off of his best. He missed finals and ended up in 13th place. In finals, Kyle had a tough time finishing up the 100BK and finished in 7th @ 59.05, a little off of his best time.

Today, Elizabeth was within her best time for 100FR and a little off in 400FR (44th and 42nd) and Kyle's 200BK was pretty rough. He finished @ 17th with a time of 2:11.23. Kyle will return tomorrow night for finals of 50BK.

Overall things are not going bad. Its tough for these 2 to have very little team support and have to go it alone, but I applaud them for the experience that they're gaining from it. I'm pleased that HHBF has representation at this meet again (we have 4 swimmers qualified) because we spent a long stretch with no one. I'd rather have a rough time here, than not be able to be here. It is fortunate that this championship was close enough to home to be easily added to our meet schedule. In order to grow as a team and be competitive, we need opportunities like this (especially when we don't have to travel far).