Thursday, February 24, 2011


Wow what a day. 4 club records, a gold medal and numerous top 8 finishes. Kyle Haas repeats as short course 50fr provincial champion (24.15). Also killed the 4 week old club record in 200fr (1:56.23) and finished 5th. Both were new club records.

Nolan Haas was 7th in 100bk (1:11.12) and 5th in 100fly (1:10.05 - new club record). Some good competition between Bjoern and Nolan in these events. Nice to have 2 of the fastest in the province on our side. 

Keri-lyn Copeland gave the field a 2 second head start in 100bk and still equaled her best time. In actuality she missed the start, but it wasn't the only official error today. She made up for it in the 800 where she beat her best time by about 10 seconds and set a new club record of 9:55.44 (8th place).

Britney Dortona had an OUTSTANDING first race at provincials! I love the fact that she is a racing machine and shows no emotion; no excitement, no nerves, just calm. Love it! She stuck it to the other 11 year old girls and took about 23 seconds off of her 800 (10:38.24) and finished up in 9th place. Excellent first race, especially since she was seeded second last. Remember her name because she is going to be good. 

Elizabeth had a best time in her 100bk and was around 3 seconds slower than she was last weekend at Easterns in the mile where she finished 11th (this was her 4th 1500 in 6 weeks, they can't all be brilliant). 

Aaron finished 50fr .3 away from his best. I'm pretty excited to see his 200br tomorrow. 

Mitchell arrived tonight and looked great in the water. I'm excited to see him race tomorrow. 

All in all a GREAT representation by our club on day 1. Let's not forget that this is a representation of you and that no one stands alone on a podium: you are all a part of this. Keep tuned for updates throughout the weekend. Live results are available at