Friday, February 25, 2011

Provinicals Day 2

Pretty good follow up to day 1. 2 medals, 2 club records and 4 top 8 finishes.

Kyle's rival was dqed in 100bk which left the door open for his second gold medal of the weekend. Kyle won in 58.02, a new club record and back on track in bk speed. Mitchell krafczek's 100bk started out great but finished out a little bit rough and he was just off of his best. He finished 13th of 23.

200br was not a great showing for us, sadly so I'll skip over that one.

Britney Dortona started the afternoon by being right on top of her best and finishing 15th. Keri-Lyn followed that up with a 7th place finish and pb (29.25).

Nolan fought and raced to a bronze medal in his first ever provincials AND a thrilling race! Nolan's time was 27.94 which is just shy of the club record, but it was an incredible race when you see that he was much smaller than the 2 who beat him, which means that he actually had to swim faster! Well done! Update: video of Nolan's medal presentation can be found here:

Keri-Lyn Copeland then had one of the toughest races of the meet in 200fr. She lead out in 30 seconds, then hit 105.02 at the 100 mark, right on target. She turned 1st at the 150 wall and tried to hang on for dear life to the finish, but was out touched to 4th place. A heart breaking finish to a great race, but I wouldn't be any prouder if she medaled. She owned that race and made the top seeds challenge her for it. I loved that race so much and keri-lyn's spirit in it. She finished 4th with a new club record of 2:15.24, breaking Tasha Truscott, old club record of 2:16.15. I'm very proud of her!

All in all a great day 2. Lots more great races today tomorrow and sunday. Stay tuned.

Good luck at Halton Cup tomorrow, everyone. We're all counting on you and will be keeping tabs on results.