Monday, July 12, 2010

Coach Mike's take on Lebron...

Okay, I know, I know... sports is sports. I do, however feel it necessary to chime in here and give my 2 cents on Jame's decision and the fall out... after all, this does have an effect on kids everywhere... he is a role model whether we like it or not and has a profound impact on athletes everywhere.

a.) COP OUT!!
Put it this way; Larry Bird wouldn't have wanted to leave Boston and go play with Magic Johnson, he would have wanted to crush him every year! In Fact, there was a recent documentary on HBO about that exact topic and how neither athlete could rest until the other was defeated. James wanted to go somewhere where he didn't have to play 82 outstanding games and allow others to pick up his slack. That is not what a champion would do. You never saw Jeff Rouse, Alexander Popov or Michael Phelps apply for Australian citizenship when Australian swimming was hot. Its just not what champions do.

b.) Sucker Punch!!
What kind of terrible person rents TV time to leave the town that supports him so much?? This is like surprising your wife with a divorce on the jumbo-tron at the ACC during a leafs game. I don't think that the 25 year old James understands what he has done... although he clearly understands his importance, as he referred to himself in the 3rd person 5 times on Thursday night.

c.) Cav's Owner isn't helping
Cleveland Cavalier's owner Dan Gilbert blasted James in an open letter on the internet and then further in an interview with ESPN. What does this help? Gilbert also guaranteed Cleveland a championship before Miami wins one with its 3 new free agents. Big words that will likely not come to fruition. A lesson I have learned this season that this man has yet to learn, SLEEP ON IT!

d.) Basketball fans will appreciate this one:

New name for the trio of free agents signed with Miami: Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James...

The Sisterhood of Traveling That Doesn't Get Called (courtesy of Bill Simmons Mailbag).

Kids, Don't be like Lebron!

Mike Thompson
Head Coach