Friday, July 23, 2010

A quiet day, but a couple of great 50FR races

Matt Fox and Mitchell Krafczek had today off from racing (they will practice tonight at finals), so all we had today were 2 50FRs by Karl and Kyle (video above). Both races were very well done and continued our trend of solid races through the meet.

Karl was very quick and nailed his start and finish for a half second best time of 27.32. About a month ago, Karl had never been under 28.11 so the advancement we have had in sprint FR is outstanding. I was really happy with this race and proud of Karl. This was a bonus race so we didn't expect much in placing. Karl ended up 61st out of 66 in his age group.

Kyle was going in 18th in 50FR this morning and was faster than he was at provincials. As you can see in the video above, Karl had a better than usual start and a great first few strokes to set his pace. He was able to gain some ground into the finish (which is obscured by a doofus with a big head) which is not the usual way that Kyle swims 50FR. Best time and new club record of 25.77. He finished 19th overall.

I can be heard in saying in Kyles video "this is going to suck". To clarify, I was saying that because the view of the finish was obscured, not because the race was going poorly.

No finals tonight. Matt and Mitchell will workout tonight from 4 to about 5:30, then we're done for the night. Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE day! 4 people swimming 100BK (a good event for all 4) and then Matt Fox and Kyle Haas both swimming 200FR (325 men swimming 200FR in total).

I am still very proud of what we are doing out here. Stay posted to this blog for more details. Click on some adds on this page. Listen to D-Moos Radio, our newest bunch of supporters ( I'll update again tomorrow.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach