Thursday, July 1, 2010

Provincials Day 1 - Matt Fox Bronze in 100BK

Not a bad day today, although a very slow swimming in general at the meet this morning. Many events were slower than anticipated which allowed for some very surprising finals tonight.

Karl and Aaron started out the day with solid 50FR. Both were bonus events so the final results were on the bottom half. Both had some issues with the depth of the shallow end on the dive but swim speed was great. Aaron was slightly faster than his best and Karl was basically even. Kyle had a decent morning swim and went into finals in second place.

200FR was one of the events that was significantly slower overall than anticipated. Mitchell Karfczek started out strong (another bonus event) but had a hard time finishing up and ended up slightly slower than his best. Mitchell ended up 22nd. Kyle who is suffering from a cold and some other ailments had trouble getting his speed up and also ended up slightly slower than his best and was 11th.

Matt Fox was our only medal today with a bronze medal in 100BK (only .01 seconds away from second place). Very big achievement for Matt! Congratulations!!

Other highlights from the afternoon included Bjoern-Ole Schrader's 13th place finish in 100FLY (1.02second PB), Tessa Cieplucha's 8th place finish in 800FR, Keri-Lyn Copeland's 18th place finish (and 6 second PB) in 800FR and our girls relay finishing 15th with a time 3 seconds faster than expected (Tessa splitting 33.90 for 50FLY). Emma Fender got her very first (nerve racking) provincial swim under her belt.

Kyle's illness got the better of him tonight, as he added a slight bit of time and finished 6th in 50FR.

I am pretty happy with how we are doing. Been a very exciting meet filled with nerves and triumph. We're only 1/4 of the way done. Stay tuned. Go Blue Fins!