Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kyle Haas 8th in 100fr and 4th in 50bk

Wow! What a 50bk we just saw. Kyle was less than .2 seconds out of 3rd place with a blistering time of 28.31. I am super proud of Kyle and that race. He did everything he was suposed to do and deserves the great finish he got. A half second best time in a 50bk is a huge thing! Good work, buddy!

The 100fr was a gift (a lot of slow 100fr's resulted in kyle's 8th place spot in finals). We certainly made the most of it with a best time of 55.91. Great racing today... And can you believe that the meet isn't even half way done yet!!?? 3 more days of competition.

Tomorrow is a little bit quiet, only Kyle and Karl swimming 50fr. Not sure if we'll get any finals out of it, but I am sure to keep you all posted. Stay tuned!

Mike Thompson
Head Coach
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