Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kyle Hass 4th in 200BK... not bad for an off event!

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--UPDATE-- video is too big to be posted on this blog. I am posting it on my facebook page now. Check it out in about an hour.


A fairly good day to start the 2010 Canadian Age Group Championships. The day started with 12 year old Matt Fox competing in boys 13 year old 200BK. Matt looked outstanding in warmup and I was looking forward to a great race. Unfortunately, Matt's foot slipped off the start which gave him about a .90 seocnd disadvantage. Matt still swam very quickly and was only off his best time by .03 seconds. It was a great first National race and an indication of things to come from this youngster. Matt's time of 2:33.22 placed him 31st out of 57 (many of those people were 13, as were many of those who beat him).

Mitchell Krafzcek was next. He had an outstanding race for the first 150m, then had a tough time finishing. Mitchell added a few seconds and finished 35th out of 44.

Karl's 200BK was a little slower than his best from provincials a couple of weeks ago. Again, not a bad race at all, mostly the final 50 that was a bit rough. It is to be expected on the first day on a big stage like this. Karl still finished 15th out of 37 which is pretty decent.

Kyle's 200BK was ugly in prelims, but fast enough to start him in 4th spot in finals.

Mitchell also swam 1500 this afternoon which was also a bit rough... although since there were approx 40 heats of 1500, the energy level in the pool was a bit low. The results for that event are not posted right yet, so I am not sure where he is going to finish... more on that when it gets posted.

Kyle's 200BK (video above) was really good. To be 4th after being in the age group for less than a month is great... especially when it is not your best event. As you can see from the video, Kyle's 3rd 50 was a little slower than we would like and he picked it up A LOT when he saw his rival Brandon Bronson from Oshawa gaining on him. The finish is probably a little too tight to see in the video, but Kyle DID finish 4th with a best time (and new club record) of 2:13.43 (old time of 2:13.88). He out touched his rival by .16 seconds. Who says finishes don't matter.

50BK and 100FR tomorrow so stay tuned... 4 more days to go in this meet!

Mike Thompson
Head Coach