Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kyle Haas squeaks into 8th place in both 100FR and 50BK... Should buy a lottery ticket.

Today was MUCH better than yesterday. As of the end of finals last night, HHBF stood in a 3 way tie for 64th place, ahead of both Markham and Milton. Today was even better than yesterday.

Mitchell's 100FR started the day. It was a little rough, but a big improvement on yesterday's events. Mitchell finished 52nd.

Kyle's 100FR was next. He actually looked great this morning and raced to a .02 best time... and squeaked into finals by .02 seconds. He'll swim again tonight.

HHBF then had a 2hour and 45min break (there were 29 heats of 400IM between 100FR and 50BK). Or guys all took of for a while and came back to re-warmup at 11:45. 50 back was Awesome! Karl was first and went under 30 seconds for the first time ever. 29.87 was his time and he finished in 13th place. A great race!

Matt Fox was next with a time of 33.98, also a bets time. Matt's start was significantly better today than yesterday, and that is where a good chuck of that speed came from. He finished in 30th spot.

Mitchell's 50BK was also fantastic, breaking 32seconds for the first time. Mitchell went 31.95 and finished 26th. A great sign for Mitchell for the balance of the weekend.

Kyle's 50BK was a little flat (could have been the almost 3.5 hours between events). It was good enough for an 8th place spot in finals. All we need is a lane.

Don't forget to check out the live finals feed tonight at 6:30 eastern time. Kyle is set to swim 100FR at 6:42. 50BK will be approx an hour later.

Stay posted, I will post again tonight after finals.

Mike Thompson
Head Coach