Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 1 Training Camp

We Started our camp with an easy long course swim this morning. After a small break, we headed back to the pool for a short course yards & dryland practice that was very intense! I must admit, the work on paper did not look terribly hard, but the focus was on intense speed and race technique execution. It was an unbelievable 2 hours (Off The Deck video outlining the camp is coming) and I am having trouble organizing all of the new ideas I have. More to come, new pictures below...

Coach Ben Titley addresses the swimmers after some pre-pool work.

Chantal Vanlandegham, Jeffery Swanston, Zack Chetrat, Warren Barnes & Hassaan Abdel Khalik line up to attack this afternoon's practice in the blazing California sun.

Underwater windows allow our coaching staff to get a closer look at the technical aspects of their intense speed efforts.

The group had an easy early morning swim around.

Yards sprint workout!! Lets go!!

Here is just a clip of what we have been doing. More video to come later this week.