Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Training Camp Day 3

This morning was geared around technique & light aerobic work it was also quite cold out, so we decided not to do any pre-pool or post-pool work and came home to rest instead. This afternoon was VERY tough speed work. 

Being relegated to a 25yard pool doesn't mean that pool time is written off. Ben was very creative in coming up with a few VERY challenging sets that focused on high stroke rate and speed. I am really feeling like I am learning a lot from Ben and can bring a lot back to my own program as a result.

Some more pictures below...

Team dinner tonight with our athletes.

Blake Worsley & Vanessa Treasure review this afternoon's practice together.

Ben advises the group about some key technical issues between reps.

Team meeting before afternoon practice. It's nice to be able to do this stuff outside.

Ryan is happy with the results of the speed workout this afternoon.

Zack Chetrat & Chris Manning get ready for a tough speed set this afternoon.

Coach Ben Titley