Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 2 Training Camp

I think that most of the athletes would agree that this was a tough day. Most did weights in the morning and then followed with a tougher set tonight encompassing a lot of kick and aerobic work, but was divided by sprinters, mid-distance and distance specific sets. Many of the athletes were cramping up today, but were reminded by Coach Titley that they are aware of the conditions around them and that they must be responsible for proper hydration and nutrition during this camp - they need to be responsible for what goes into their bodies so that they can train. This was recieved well by the athletes, who are all looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

If you're interested in whats going on down here in Santa Clara, check out my episodes of OFF THE DECK on the Swim Ontario page. I also posted a podcast with some interviews from down here which can be found here.
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Athletes Annie Harrison & Heather Maitland study the complicated practice before hitting the water.

Biomechanist, Ryan Atkison looks for different angles to observe technique.

Members of Team Canada, Hassaan & Aly Abdel Khalik

Coach Ben Titley organizes the athletes prior to the main set.

Fast under water sprints to start tonight's workout.

Ben observing the practice.

Olympians, Martha McCabe & Blake Worsley receive instruction from Coach Titley.

Coach Titley explains the workout to Kennedy Goss.

Blake Worsley shows team mate Hassaan Abel Khalik what he observed during the main set.

A panoramic view of our training environment.