Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Practice Back

I arrive back in Georgetown at 1:30am and was up at 6:15 for practice this morning (Sunday). Call me what you will; just don't say I'm not committed!

I brought in high school track coach,  David Hyde, to work on actual track starts this morning with the intention of working specifically on the following things:

1.) Hip position: I wanted my athletes to learn to have their hips high while balancing forward and eliminate the "chest resting on their thigh"  start position.

2.) Driving Forward: I wanted my athletes to work on staying low after the start and drive forward -  not standing up after the start or jumping upwards.

I believe that teaching my athletes this skill would assist in their overall diving skill set and it certainly made them more aware of both of the above aspects of the start. I would recommend trying this as an experiment. If nothing else, learning a new skill can be beneficial to the overall skill set of any athlete.

A special thanks to Dave for his help this morning!