Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Lied - 1 More Post - Day 6 Training Camp

Alright, 1 more post. We were up early this morning (before 6am) to hit the water 1 more time, this time at the Santa Clara Pool where our camp started. Some swam a little easier this morning but Annie Harrison, Zack Chetrat & Martha McCabe were put through an intense challenge set that lasted about an hour (only about 400m of easy swimming in that hour - the rest was pretty high intensity). Now that the workout was done, we will head to the weight room 1 more time before an hour of rest and then head to the airport to fly home. Pics from this morning's pool workout can be found below.

Some members from Team Ontario will be headed to World Championships in Barcelona, Spain this summer (Chantal VanLandegham, Zack Chetrat, Aly Abdel Khalik, Chris Manning, Martha McCabe, Hassaan Abdel Khalik & Blake Worsley). 

Closer to Full Team Ontario Roster (missing Matthew Swanston, Jeffery Swanston, Kennedy Goss, Edward Liu,  Marni Oldershaw, Mack Darragh who had to leave camp early for other athletic & academic commitments). 

Zack Chetrat attacking some best average 50's Fly this morning.

Some other athletes had an easier morning.

A rare glimpse of Coach Titley's log book.