Friday, June 7, 2013

Training Camp Day 5

Due to the fact that we will be traveling tomorrow and I plan to pack up my laptop, this will be my final post from California. I will summarize the experience and what I learned in a post next week. Generally, working here with Ben this last week has been very beneficial and interesting. I have gained a lot that I can bring home to my program and take with me going forward. Thanks to everyone involved but especially thanks to the coaches (Ben Titley, Byron McDonald, Dean Boles) the support staff (Ryan Atkison, Heather Sprenger & Doug Freeman) and all of the athletes (Martha McCabe; Annie Harrison; Heather Maitland; Kennedy Goss; Paige Schultz; Bridget Coley; Vanessa Treasure; Chantal Vanlandegham; Marni Oldershaw; Zack Chetrat; Blake Worsley; Warren Barnes; Aly Abdel Khalik; Jeffrey Swantson; Hassaan Abdel Khalik; Chris Manning; Ed Liu; Mack Darragh; Matt Myers; Matthew Swanston; Frank Despond) for allowing me to work with you for this time. I was really pleased with the work we were able to do, the trust by the other coaches that I was capable to coach a group of that calibre and the trust of the athletes. 

Pictures of this morning session are below:

Guest coach, Brian Johns works with the IM'ers on suicide turns.

15m max efforts have been a staple of this camp.

Some interesting body control exercises.

A lot of pull this morning (countering the amount of kick that was done yesterday morning).