Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just a thought...

Below are a series of "Off The Deck" episodes I filmed while away in California. In the first episode (OFF THE DECK - Santa Clara Grand Prix) at the 8:45 mark he suggests that relays are important to Canada if we intend to medal at a world level (I do not disagree). My quick question of the day is this: Why aren't there relay qualifying times for anything in Canada? Not at the regional, provincial or National level do you have to qualify a relay to swim at any championship. This seems a little backwards to me.

Many teams lack experience as a relay and don't practice the important aspects, but we expect individual athletes at a world level to be able to execute and have a world class relay? Wouldn't it make sense to encourage club teams to put together relays and practice towards qualifying for the large meets? Is there a reason that we don't do this or we just haven't thought of it? I welcome feedback because these are honest questions that I do not know the answer to.

Anyway, OFF THE DECK episodes that were filmed in Santa Clara over the last 2 weeks can be found below. My podcast that was recorded on the trip can be found here and previous blog posts from the trip can also be found below this post. Be sure to check them out.