Saturday, June 1, 2013

Santa Clara Day 3

Day 3: Today was a great day for performances. Marni Oldershaw, Annie Harrison & Vanessa Treasure all made the A final in 400IM, Matthew Meyers in 200BK & Chantal VanLandenham in 50FR. Aly Abdel Khalik, Blake Worsely & the Swanston Brothers made B finals. It was a great day for Team Ontario. I am really feeling comfortable working with my group of athletes and feel like they are swimming well overall. I got to talk with a lot of coaches and (oddly) met a couple of podcast fans. It was also kind of cool that a few American coaches recognized me and congratulated me on my new job... but thats neither here nor there. On to some pics for you...

Doug Freeman works on Blake Worsely after his 200FR prelim swim.

Frank Despond happy with his morning swim.

The crazy crowd watching Missy Franklin narrowly win 200FR.

The sea of fans lining up to have Missy sign something for them.

Matthew Swanston excited to finish up @ Stanford and come back to Ontario

National Team Coach, Randy Bennett talking with World Championship Relay member, Aly Abdel Khalik about his role on the relay this summer.

Chris Manning getting ready for 50FR final & Matthew Meyers recovering from 200BK final.